PDH Unit (0.6MMTA)

Case 5

The feed/effluent heat exchanger of the reactor of our 0.6MMTA PDH unit was replaced with the STHE designed and manufactured by ZPJE in August 2017. Since the replacement, this STHE has brought considerable economic benefits to our company:

The HAT has been reduced from the original 108℃ to 25℃, saving 20,780t/year of fuel gas and reducing the operating costs by ~48 million RMB (7 000 000 $) per year.

Thanks to the removal of tube leakages, the operating capacity of the unit have been increased, resulting in an average annual propylene production of more than 20,000 tons, generating an annual additional benefit of ~40 million RMB (6 000 000 $)  

The original reactor F/E heat exchanger was a vertical helical baffle exchanger. It was replaced due to its low performances, frequent tube leakages and safety operating risks. 

This STHE has been in continuous stable operation for nearly 5 years.

(Said the director of Mechanical power department, Ningbo Kingfa Advanced Materials Co., Ltd.)