Reforming Unit (2.2 MMTA)

Case 2

The existing combined feed heat exchanger of our 2.2 MMTA reforming unit has been replaced with a designed and manufactured ZPJE's Spiral Tube Heat Exchanger in July 2020. The new exchanger bring a significant energy saving and consumption reduction, resulting in an annual considerable economic benefits. The HAT of this heat exchanger has been reduced from 47°C to 31°C, saving 0.55t/h of fuel gas, reducing its costs by 15,000,000 RMB (2 000 000 $) per year. In addition, due to the decreasing in  pressure drop, the steam consumption of the recycle gas compressor was also reduced from original 90t/h to 75t/h, reducing the annual steam consumption by 26million RMB (4 000 000 $). The total efficiency gain is more than 40 million RMB (6 000 000 $)  per year for our company.

The original plate heat exchanger, was replaced with STHE by ZPJE due to high pressure drop, internal leakage.

This STHE has been in continuous operation for 2 years with stable performance.

( said the Director of reforming unit,PetroChina Dalian Petrochemical Co., Ltd.)