Hydrotreatment Unit (2 MMTA)

Case 1

The high efficiency STHE technology used in our 2MMTA DHT unit allows us to use the fired heater only during the startup phases. During normal operations, the STHE is so efficient that the furnace can be shut down, saving dramatically the consumption of fuel oil. This innovative design reduces the equipment investment by 22,840,000 RMB (3,400, 000 $) and the energy consumption by 3.03kg standard oil / T feed oil.  The annual profits have been increased by almost 25,180,000 RMB (3,70 0,000 $) and the annual CO2 emission reduced by 14096 tons. By using STHE from ZPJE, we achieved considerable economic and social benefits.

Three STHEs designed and manufactured by ZPJE have been installed on the unit. It includes a reactor effluent/hot combined feed heat exchanger, a HHPS gas/cold combined feed heat exchanger and a refined diesel /CLPS oil heat exchanger . Since the unit was started in 2012, these three heat exchangers have been running satisfactorily for more than 10 years with good and stable performance without any mechanical issue or cleaning needed.

This hydrotreating unit processes the mixed oil from catalytic, coking and straight run diesel as feed oil to produce naphtha and refined diesel. The successful application of this new STHE technology provides a new design concept for similar hydrotreating process units in the future.

(said the general manager of SINOPEC Guangzhou)